Individual Orthodontics in Acacia Ridge

Individual Orthodontics in Acacia Ridge

Custom Braces at Full Smile Dental

A straighter smile can boost the health of your teeth and in some cases even your self-confidence. We’re pleased to offer Individual Orthodontics style braces for patients of all ages, so that you can enjoy efficient, high technology treatment without being referred to a specialist across town.

Orthodontics Customised to Your Smile

Individual Orthodontics uses IP Appliances® that are truly customised to the unique anatomical and aesthetic needs of our patients. Your braces will feature advantages like:

  • Custom selected brackets for each individual tooth
  • Digital treatment planning
  • Custom shaped arch wires to maximise tooth movement
  • Efficient technology to minimise the number of appointments during treatment

Unlike conventional braces, Individual Orthodontics is tailored to the anatomy and specific tooth shape of each patient.

Computerised Planning for Effective Results

IP Appliances® reduce the typical time spent in braces by as much as 40%. That’s almost six months faster than conventional orthodontics. Individual Orthodontics is used all over the world and uses the most advanced technology available in modern dentistry. But how? IP Appliances® are mapped out with our digital treatment planning software to pinpoint which teeth need to move, where and how long the overall process should take to achieve those movements. Then the arch wires are electronically designed to apply area-focused torque so that teeth are moved in an extremely efficient manner.

Improve Your Oral Health with a Straighter Smile

Properly aligned bites can reduce your risk of TMJ disorder, periodontal disease, tooth decay and premature wear to teeth and dental work. Investing in orthodontic therapy is a smart and comprehensive way to enhance your overall oral health.

Are Individual Orthodontics right for you? Book a consultation with Dr Soori to find out how our in-house braces can give you the straighter teeth you’ve always wanted.

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